Student Success Stories

    Cecilia Ramirez

    Cecilia is currently taking ESL at Ceres Adult School. She moved from the bay area in 2018 and decided to enroll in the ESL courses offered at Ceres Adult School. She stated that it was convenient  because of the childcare that is available.

    During that semester they offered a pharmacy technician course. It was a challenge because her English was not proficient. The teacher who presented the program motivated her and explained everything to her in terms she understood.

    Currently she is employed at Walgreens. She received her pharmacy technician license through Ceres Adult School. Cecilia continues to learn about pharmacy procedures. In addition, she is thankful for the opportunities that Ceres Adult School offers.

    Veronica Hernandez

    Veronica Hernandez, currently enrolled with Ceres Adult School is taking GED preparation, Paraprofessional Bootcamp, and the Para prep test. Veronica is always prepared and eager to learn with a smile on her face. She wants to keep learning and improve herself.

    Veronica has faced some obstacles along the way from an early age. It has not been easy facing all these hardships and being a single mother raising her kids. She is working on improving herself and for her grandkids. “Now is my time, Ceres Adult School has been a dream come true!”

    We are extremely proud of Veronica and we are proud to say that she has earned her high school equivalency certification. She plans to take additional courses with Ceres Adult School and move forward with a new career. “The sky is the limit!”

     Maria Isabel Villegas

    Maria Isabel Villegas has demonstrated an intense drive to succeed. Currently enrolled with Ceres Adult School taking GED preparation, ESL, and citizenship. She has been motivated and has an impulse to improve herself through teachers and staff.

     One of the challenges Maria encountered was continuing her education after many years out of a classroom setting. She felt out of place and judged. That did not stop her though and she pushed herself by coming to classes.

     Ceres Adult School has been an opportunity that has changed her life. Maria wants to prepare herself for the present and her family’s future. She became a US citizen through our partnership with International Rescue Committee. Her next goal is to earn her GED certificate of completion.